Last updated: 2016-06-22

Projects underway

Mobot An autonomous robot that builds a map of its environment
Project page
Project log

An ongoing photo album documenting Mobot under construction and in action.

Marvin A minimalist GPU-only N-dimensional ConvNet framework
Project page

APC 2016 In which Amazon challenges robotics teams around the globe to pick Elmo dolls off shelves
Official web page
Project log

Software libraries

cuSIFT A CUDA-enabled SIFT detector and descriptor library (link)

cuBoF A CUDA-enabled bag of features library (link)

Project ideas

Neuromorphic / ionic computing
Using ions and cables to make circuits. May be a time for different hardware paradigm to lower cost of machine learning. Step change in cost is precursor to exploding ecosystem

Model parallelization
Mirroring a deep net tree

Project archive

Coin.jl A (self-educational, incomplete, and likely incorrect) library for working with Bitcoin written in Julia
Project page

Crypto.jl A library that wraps OpenSSL, but also has pure Julia implementations for reference
Project page Plotting inbox count over time. Mostly a way to shame myself into productivity
Project page

Lego.js Exactly what it sounds like
Project page

Noto iOS app to send myself emails with the fewest actions possible
Taken down from the App Store because I don't want to maintain it anymore