Building a drone!

Prof. Xiao was able to convince DJI to donate two developer drones to us. Fully loaded, these guys are in the $8K range each. No one has time to make these run just yet (deadlines!), but we decided to take a break and assemble it. Turns out we suck at figuring things out when instructions aren't included.

Eventually, there may be a flying Mobot, but need to finished the ground-based guy first.

Unboxing the outermost box

Would've preferred 'Matricio'

Being really confused by the all the parts and screws. Didn't help that we just dumped everything into one pile.

The guidance system. Apparently each of these guys can output grayscale images, depth images, and ultrasonic (a.k.a. sonar? I think?) data.

Yeah, still lost.

Oh, you mean the motor controllers are in the drone?

Legged up

And with the top back on

And propellers

Fully-assembled guidance system

Mounting the on-board computer (features an NVidia TK1 processor; would've been nice to have the new X1, but still nice to have CUDA)

Finished product. With a plastic cup for scale.